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    Iron Gym

    • Iron Gym
    • Iron Gym
    • Iron Gym
    • Iron Gym

    Iron Gym

    • Item No.: TD005D-2
    • Description : Iron Gym
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    High quality pull up bar

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    This is a portable multi-function chin up bars, inexpensive and easy to tone up your muscle.The most common use of this equipment is for developing the back muscles,particularly to develop that V-shape that most people desire. However, pull up stations are also great for developing arm muscles, particularly biceps and forearms. You can also do a variety of abdominal exercises including leg raises and oblique curls using the chin-up bar. This is the most effective chin-up bar you could find and trust!!
    There are a variety of options when it comes to doing chin-ups
    • There are portable chin up bars that can be easily installed and removed that are good for home and office use.
    • Then there are pull up wall mounted units that can work if your ceilings are high enough and your walls can handle the weight of the exerciser.
    • There are pull up stations that are stand alone units that may or may not have a dip attachment for chest and triceps.
    • The last option is a weight-assisted pull up station that allows you to deduct from your full body weight and vary your workouts
    Features & Specifications:
    • Sets up in several locations, including doorway, against a wall, or on the ground.
    • Heavy-gauge, thick hi-grade steel holds up to 330lbs.
    • Thick foam padding and non-slip comfort grips.
    • Pro-grade close-grip handles with 12 grip positions.
    • Fits doorway up to 1m (40") wide, sturdy doorway with border trim required.
    • Perform chin ups, pull ups, sit ups, and triceps dips and more with a single product.
    • Multifunction chinning bar for strengthening pecs, biceps, abs, and obliques.
    • Portable and easy to store.
    • Easy to install and undo.
    • Come with assembly instruction.


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