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    crazy fit massage

    • crazy fit massage

    crazy fit massage

    • Item No.: TD-002C
    • Description : Crazy Fit Massage
    Description: Crazy Fit Massage
    1: Ergonomic construction with fashionable streanline design.
    2: Extra large console with 3 LED displayer deliver feedback of TIME, SPEED and BODY FAT VALUE.
    3: 3 build-in workout program, Body Fat Scan.
    4: Wide range speed accommodates different workout desires.
    5: Dual steel frame painted with fashionable color.
    6: High quality motor deliver smooth workout and able to drive maximum user weight of 150 KGS.
    7: Overload current protection, anti-jamming, and anit-static.
    1: Activate body entirely, relieve tired quickly.
    2: Excellent body shaper, melt away mass body fat.
    3: Soothe insomnia efficiently, helps you unwind.
    4: Stimulate alvine, enhance digestion.
    5: Increase blood flow to keep healthy.
    6: Activate joints, soothe arthrosis ache.
    Maximun Power: 1.75HP
    Standard Power: 300W (Recommended)
    Pls ask for cost of 500W or 1000W
    Speed Range: 30 or 50 LEVELS (No cost difference)
    Amplitude: 1~12MM, eccentricity:2mm
    Frenquency: 5~30Hz
    Uwer Weight Max.: 200 KGS 
    Assembly Size: 710x750x1225MM 
    Carton Size: 1st Carton: L760 x W690 x H320MM,
                      2nd Carton: L1570 x W575 x H160MM 
    Net Weight: 52.0 KGS 
    Gross Weight: 60.0 KGS
    Container Load Quantity:


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