CU Suggestions

Build a Stronger Organization with CU Suggestions

CU suggestions is the #1 Employee engagement platform that gives leaders an online tool to measure and improve work culture through suggestions and feedbacks from the employees themselves in your organization.


of employees that quit their jobs, say that don’t feel satisfied from their organization.

CU Suggestions completely eliminates all reasons of unsatisfied employee by implementing feedback and suggestion culture in organizations.

Anonymous Feedback

Gather critical data on your company’s employees whether you are the HR or senior management of the company and gain real time insight into what’s happening around you. Employees can send you text messages without revealing their identity keeping you in the loop of every latest happening.

Mobile First Technology

CU Suggestions is very simple to use, and you can access it anywhere & anytime via your mobile device. Through this, you can have all the constructive criticism that you will ever need about the organization accessible right there at your fingertips while at the same time respecting the privacy of the sender. This will really help the HR and administration in effective running of the organization and creating a better future for it.

Appreciative Work Culture

Nurture an appreciative work culture in your organization where employees feel valued & recognized for their efforts. Using CU Suggestions, any employee can put in a good word to the higher administration about any another employee, appreciating them. Not only will this encourage employees to do more, but will also develop a sort of brotherhood among a diverse group of people in the organization.