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CU: YapApp’s Gift To Chandigarh On Its 51st Anniversary

Chandigarh is one city which has moved from being better to best in comparison to other cities in India in terms of living standards and facilities. With the Prime Minister making strides towards making India digital, we as citizens have a responsibility to help do just that which is why YapApp India Pvt. Ltd. has created this gem of an app called CU. CU or ‘Connecting you’ as it is called, is an umbrella app under which you have three separate but key features which are required for creating a completely digital environment working for individuals to improve their day to day life. These are CU Shops, CU Pays and CU Chats. Each one of these features has a significant use as mentioned below:

CU Shops: Use CU as your favorite online shop app to create your very own personalized shopping mall experience. You can directly pay to your shopkeeper there & get everything delivered at home. You can choose shops based on locality, or from trusted ones where you have shopped before. You also have the ability to make online and offline payments with CU with no username or passwords required. If your payment is stuck somewhere or have any suspicious activity to report or even if you don’t like something about our app or website, you can raise a ticket with us from the CU Mobile App directly. With 24/7, 365 days helpdesk and veteran representatives ready to take on any challenges you are facing on CU, rest assured you are in safe hands.

CU Shop

CU Pays: You can use CU to make direct transactions from your bank account to someone else’s. Choose someone to pay from your contacts or Scan QR Code, add how much and tap send. Done! It’s 100% safe, easy and a super-fast money transfer app. A Unique QR Code Sticker can be made to send and receive money – even on other platforms, with this QR code, you can transfer money. Best of all, you won’t be charged off with any transaction charges, fees or any hidden costs for that matter. CU Pays is completely transparent in how it operates and the benefits that it provides to its users. You can pay money by switching to any other bank accounts as well that you hold as well.

CU Pays

CU Chats: It’s a chat feature where anyone can chat with anyone without giving up their personal information. CU Chats integrates itself with CU Pays and CU Shops to provide in-app communication supporting CU’s other features as well.  Customers can chat with merchants and vice versa in CU Shops and payee can connect with receiver of the money in CU Pays.

cu chats

With these three key features available, CU is going to revolutionize Chandigarh and make it a model city for the Digital India revolution this Chandigarh Establishment Day celebrating the 51st Anniversary of the city beautiful.


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