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Key features of the CU

As a great visionary and naturalist, ‘Charles Darwin’ once stated that the only way an entity could evolve is to ‘Grow’, to grow more than what it was yesterday! Keeping this statement close to our hearts and minds, we have made ‘CU’. A venture of ‘Dizzi Globile Pvt. Ltd. India’, CU was carefully brewed from scratch in the depths of creative minds working at its subsidiary company ‘YapApp India Pvt. Ltd’.

Inspired by our Honorable Prime Minister’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, we have forged CU to be a tool for every age, business and profession.

CU App is a full-fledged brand with offshoot features such as CU Suggestions, CU Payments, Shops and Chats. Whereas, users can gather anonymous suggestions and opinions from others via its suggestions feature, he or she can make payment transactions, do online shopping or simply chat with their friends & family at the same time as well. All of this & more, through one app. Here’s what its features can do:

CU Suggestions

Receive productive feedbacks from employees and create a better organization and work culture with CU Suggestions. These feedbacks are sent and received as text messages without revealing sender’s identity and hence are totally honest in nature.

CU Payments

Also, for doing payments easily on these local stores, CU Payment app was created for the customers. A UPI based feature, CU Payment allows users to pay money with their mobile devices enabling more user convenience and ease.

CU Shopping

CU is one app which never asks for personal information from the user. Use CU app and create a personalized shopping mall experience. Directly pay to shopkeepers via CU & get everything delivered at home. Choose shops based on locality, or from ones earlier shopped before. CU is clearly one of the most unique online shopping apps.

CU Chats and calls

Make free voice and video calls with people around the world. Talk for free with friends and family over 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. With zero delay, unlimited chatting and HD video calls, communication is hassle-free with CU.

We, at YapApp India Pvt. Ltd., believe that successful evolution of any entity should be beneficial to all and that is helping businesses, people and brands of every measure and scale. To let businesses come forward and let them present themselves online, increasing their sales and in turn national per capita income of our nation.