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Feedback Tool to Keep Your Employees Happy & Motivated

Let’s understand first why a feedback tool is important. Imagine coming to work one day and finding your most talented employee waiting in your office with a resignation letter. You are shocked, and you know it’s going to be very difficult to find a replacement. Its times like these when as a startup owner you wonder what went wrong.

What if you had a way to predict and solve problems like these before they even happen? Maybe a simple message sent by someone that one of your valuable employee is feeling unhappy. That could have shifted your entire focus on that employee and prevent the situation altogether.

This is exactly why ‘CUApp.’ came up with a real-time feedback tool for your startup which is called ‘CU Suggestions’. With this tool, employees can send feedbacks anonymously to their leaders to notify them of any issues or problems they are facing. It’s extraordinarily effective in its working because it enables leaders to consistently care for, appreciate and listen to employees.

Benefits of CU Suggestions for your startup:
1. Employees can express themselves freely
Employees can fully express their concerns only when they have no fear of retaliation from their leaders. This way leaders can receive more valuable and constructive feedbacks which they can use to better employee retention.


2. Feedback process is automated
As a leader, you will always be busy with one or the other work. You won’t have time for talking with every individual about how they are doing or to arrange surveys and questionnaires. By using this employee feedback tool i.e. CU Suggestions, you can let the feedback come to you. Let them tell you what’s wrong. You can gather actionable data with these feedbacks and work towards resolving their issues.


3. Gather real-time feedbacks
With CU Suggestions, leaders can be alerted of even the smallest of issues in the company. These small issues if left unresolved, could become big one day and pose a serious threat to your organization.


4. Feedbacks will create a better culture
A healthy work culture is very important for any startup. This feedback tool will help you create that. Since all concerns and issues will be heard of and resolutions will be implemented for the same by the leaders, employees will feel valued and motivated to do more for your company.


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