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How to Improve Work Culture of Your Organization

So, what is an ideal workplace culture all about? Its where people are motivated, committed to what they’re doing and most importantly have job satisfaction. How to create such a culture is a real challenge since companies nowadays are more profit oriented and somewhere down the line they are not spending enough time on improving conditions at their workplace and making it more employee friendly.

Without any proper insights into how a great workplace culture can be created inside any organization, the administration remains in a constant state of not being aware of what’s going on. This is where ‘CU Suggestions’ comes in.

For improving work environment, the first thing that you need to do is to make a bridge of communication between administration and employees with the employee identity being a secret. ‘CU Suggestions’ does just that as any employee when need be can communicate and state their problem anonymously to the administration. And then it becomes the administration’s job to analyze that problem and provide a resolution that can be applied to every other situation like this for future.


Secondly, team leads, or managers are a significant part of creating a good work environment. About 50% of difference that is between great and ok work culture in an organization depends upon them. What CU Suggestions can do for them is provide them honest feedbacks from people from their team and let him or her know what they think about a particular issue at work or how it should be approached according to them. Why it can’t sometime be done openly and directly is because every individual is different, and some hesitate to give frank upfront views of what they think about a particular situation. Through CU, even people like these can raise their voice.


Thirdly, when we are speaking about raising an employee’s voice, employees will feel valued if they are being heard by the administration or their seniors. This will definitely be an asset to an improved work environment where employees now being valued feel motivated to do more. Their job satisfaction level will increase, and so will the employee retention in the organization.


Another thing that we need to keep in mind is that good workplace cultures are not made up of good recreational activities for the employees and expensive coffee machines, and it’s always more than just having ‘satisfied employees’. Even team leaders can input to a good work culture to a certain extent. So, what else can we do more?


We can change our company’s leadership and administration’s philosophy from being an authoritative and centralized one to a high purpose, open-to-suggestions, skill and strength based work environment. This will result in more innovation and entrepreneurism and will ensure a better future for your organization.


It doesn’t matter if you have the best team leaders, if they are not imparting the knowledge that they have to their team, the actual level of knowledge and skill every person in their team will remain the same. And with the team skill remaining the same over time, you can’t expect better work & progression from them. You must ensure that your team leads coach their team members every week and teach them something new or have them brainstorm on a difficult problem and solve it.


Last but not the least, even if you have the best teams and the best team leaders, never settle for anything. Try re-engineering your current workplace culture and environment and strive to refine it to make it even better.


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